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MMS Garden Club
Do you like gardening? Are you interested in learning more about flowers? Vegetables? Growing your own food? Then the MMS Garden Club is for you!! Join Ms. Socha in creating a beautiful and useable garden right here at MMS and learn about all the gardening basics! Ms. Socha is the art teacher at MMS but is also a certified master gardener and member of the Northern Lights Master Gardeners association. The fall of 2014 Ms. Socha wrote a grant to the Whole Kids Food Foundation and received funding in the amount of $2000 to complete a school garden. During the summer of 2015 MHS students, MMS students, Boy Scout Troop 1540 and other volunteers assisted in building the garden which is located on Main Street near the playground. The garden club will be starting up again in the spring of 2016 so watch for information at that time. Any questions about the MMS Garden Club please contact Ms. Socha at 715 735-1519 or